Tucker and Stephani Ellington | Choudrant, LA


  1. the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future.

Have you ever met someone where you connected instantly, and from then on every moment after leads to more smiles and more laughter? That's how I can describe Tucker and Stephani Ellington. 

That's also how I can describe their love story. Tucker and Stephani met on their first day of kindergarten at Franklin Academy and from there on it was destiny. I highly recommend watching their love story film before watching their wedding film, because it's beautiful (shameless plug).

Tucker is that guy that everyone needs to be friends with. He's all smiles and laughter, but with a little bit of rock n' roll (note: motorcycle exit from reception). Stephani is that kind of girl who's got just the right amount of country and sophistication to give her the best of everything. Together they made for an incredible couple, an incredible wedding day, and (you guessed it) and incredible wedding film. 

This wedding had a lot of firsts for Honest Productions. It was our first wedding to shoot with our new C100mkII, our first wedding to film with the Phantom 3 Drone, and our first wedding to have a bananas foster bar (seriously, best idea ever). We hope this wedding film can give you a glimpse of the future of Honest Productions, because we're headed there fast. 

We we're very fortunate to work with two of our favorite photographers, Desirae Gooding, and her assistant for the day, Lauren Creekmore. Head over to Desirae Gooding Photography's blog to see photos from the wedding. 

Karl Wiggers, our loyal second shooter, did his thing as usual and Justin Moreau filled in as assistant for the day. Big thanks to Karl for connecting Tucker and Stephani with Honest Productions. 

Let us know in the comments which parts were your favorites! We're stuck between the drone work and the motorcycle exit! - Houston

Location: Squire Creek Country Club