Hunter and Abby Hays | Rayville, LA | February 27, 2016



  1. something remembered from the past; a recollection.

There's something I find absolutely incredible about the human brain. Humans have the capacity to take any moment in time and remember it forever. Whether in perfect detail, or bits in pieces, we can recall sights, smells, and emotions. Walking in to a familiar place, like a childhood home can be a rush of overwhelming, but comforting feelings. 

I can imagine this is how Abby felt her entire wedding day. 

Going in to this wedding day I had no idea of the significance of the wedding venue: the childhood home of Abby's mother. Sadly, Abby's parents passed away years ago, leaving behind fond memories and large amounts of love. Having the venue at the Trio (pronounced Try-Oh) Plantation meant that Abby and Hunter could be surround by everyone from the past and present. The house was covered with trinkets, and photos (Side note: Abby's mom was a trophy hunter, and all the animals were killed by her) and all day it was blend of the past and present. 

Hunter was a quiet groom, but his groomsmen more than made up for that throughout the day. We were super thrilled to catch the guys shooting clays and I thought the 120fps slow motion turned out killer. 

According to their photographer, Catherine Guidry, the Hay's had the best da*n wedding cake ever, and I'd have to agree. 

Thanks to Trey Garza for second shooting and knocking this one out of the park! 

Wedding season is getting here fast! - Houston