Caleb and Aubrey Lee | Ruston, LA | November 25, 2015


  1. a feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness.

Waking up on Christmas morning. Walking through the front gates of Disney World. That first tip over the edge on a roller coaster. These are all things that overwhelm us with excitement and we get to experience these things over and over again. 

But I think there’s one exciting moment in life that can top them all: that wedding day kiss. 

It was a rainy day for the Lee wedding, which is not usually ideal for a wedding day. Luckily, having a wedding at Creekwood Gardens allows you a plethora of options. One of which is getting real cozy in the greenhouse. 

After spending just a few minutes Aubrey and Caleb it was apparent that their young love was very alive. You can see it in the first look and that walk down the aisle. A groom tearing up for his bride is something we always hope to capture.

Our team really loved working with their photographers, Bouie Photography. They were a very awesome couple and accommodating for the Honest Productions team. 

My main man Karl Wiggers assisted on this shoot and braved the weather. He’s a pro at keeping those cameras dry! 

Location: Creekwood Gardens, Ruston LA
Photography: Bouie Photography