Robert and Rachel Duncan | Alexandria, LA | November 14, 2015


  1. love and respect (someone) deeply.

My favorite part about wedding cinematography is finally finishing the edit and watching it through entirely. I get to see all the day’s moments summed up in one place. I can see the hard work put into the details, the laughs and tears from the family and friends, but most of all I can see how much a couple truly adores one another. 

Robert and Rachel were one of those couples whose love truly shows throughout their highlight film. 

It was a perfect November day. Warm during the afternoon and just the right amount of chilly. The Melady House proved to be the perfect backdrop to this cowboy husband and beautiful wife. 

With some amazing food (I literally took a to-go cup of mashed potatoes) and one of the better wedding cakes, the team had an incredible time. After everyone let loose, it was incredibly hard to get them to exit! That’s a good sign of a good time. 

Thanks to Karl Wiggers as always, and Trey Garza for stepping behind the camera without fear. 
Also, huge shoutout to my audio savior, Adam Moore, for cleaning up the audio. It makes all of the difference!  

- Houston