Meagan and Nic Pousson | New Orleans, LA


  1. a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment.

You know what I love about weddings? I love that everyone is there for one common purpose, one common goal: to celebrate the couple. I've been to good weddings and bad, but no matter what everyone is focused on this big life moment, and in New Orleans you show your "focus" by getting down with bride and groom on the dance floor. 

Meagan and Nic went to my alma mater (ULM) and in the past I did some photos for the AOII ladies, of which Meagan was a part of. It's always great to see how small connections build to big things in the future. 

Meagan and Nic's wedding day was a big treat for us. We always love traveling as a team, and New Orleans is mecca for any Louisiana native. What started out as a cramped space (do you see how man brides maids there are?!) turned into a huge dance floor by the end of the evening. 

We started at The Hotel Modern in New Orleans for bridal prep and the ceremony took place at the Holy Name of Jesus Catholic church. Which by the way, was incredible. Catholic weddings may be long, but at least you've got tons of things to look at. 

Honest Productions did a two man team on this go around, with my trusty pal Karl Wiggers. Thankfully the night ended at just the right time, because when in Rome you party like a New Orleanian, and you can't really whip and nae nae too well with a camera in your hand. 

Big thank you to Meagan and Nic and we wish them many years of crazy fun and awesome dance moves. - Houston