Jyssica and JP Hattaway | Ruston, LA | October 10, 2015



  1.  for all future time; for always.

One of the most stand-out things to me about weddings is the idea that marriage is meant to be forever. It’s scary and frightening, but I think that it’s also brave and daring. Like embarking on an adventure that will never end. 

It’s pretty clear that JP and Jyssica have chosen to take on the adventure of forever head on in love.

JP and I met many, many years ago through friends and family and it wasn’t until the wedding day that the dots connected and I realized who he was how familiar we were with each other. 

Jyssica and her girls were a blast to work with throughout the day and the venue was so unique. Her and her dress were gorgeous (can you believe the color of her eyes?!?). We couldn’t have asked for better day for weather, and the sunset really worked in our favor for some post ceremony shots. 

Once again, thanks to trusty Karl and his hard work second shooting and Seth Albritton for working with us throughout the day. 

Venue: The Norton Building, Ruston LA
Photographer: Seth Albritton Photography