Nick and Bethany Sapienza | Lafayette, LA



  1. pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance or manner.

If I had to describe any wedding we've shot so far as "elegant," it's the Sapienza wedding. 
A sleek white dress, custom suit on Nick, Catholic wedding at St. John's Cathedral, and a packed out reception at the La Marquise Ballroom? Definitely elegant. 

Cajuns know how to get down and party (spot the catholic priest's sweet dance moves), but they also know how to be incredibly kind and wonderful. I love getting the chance to see different parts of Louisiana and witness how culturally diverse we are in such a short distance, but the best parts of Louisiana run true throughout: good food and good people. 

I had such a great time shooting this wedding with Karl Wiggers for Nick and Bethany. They contacted Honest Productions after seeing work on the Oaks/White Wedding in April '15. We were teamed up with Erin and Geoffrey Photography out of Lafayette. Their work is stunning and they are super generous throughout the wedding day for us and the loads of gear we bring along.

Nick and Bethany Sapienza | August 14, 2015
Ceremony: St. Johns Cathedral
Reception: La Marquise Ballroom
Photography: Erin and Geoffrey Photography