Hunter and Abby Hays | Rayville, LA | February 27, 2016



  1. something remembered from the past; a recollection.

There's something I find absolutely incredible about the human brain. Humans have the capacity to take any moment in time and remember it forever. Whether in perfect detail, or bits in pieces, we can recall sights, smells, and emotions. Walking in to a familiar place, like a childhood home can be a rush of overwhelming, but comforting feelings. 

I can imagine this is how Abby felt her entire wedding day. 

Going in to this wedding day I had no idea of the significance of the wedding venue: the childhood home of Abby's mother. Sadly, Abby's parents passed away years ago, leaving behind fond memories and large amounts of love. Having the venue at the Trio (pronounced Try-Oh) Plantation meant that Abby and Hunter could be surround by everyone from the past and present. The house was covered with trinkets, and photos (Side note: Abby's mom was a trophy hunter, and all the animals were killed by her) and all day it was blend of the past and present. 

Hunter was a quiet groom, but his groomsmen more than made up for that throughout the day. We were super thrilled to catch the guys shooting clays and I thought the 120fps slow motion turned out killer. 

According to their photographer, Catherine Guidry, the Hay's had the best da*n wedding cake ever, and I'd have to agree. 

Thanks to Trey Garza for second shooting and knocking this one out of the park! 

Wedding season is getting here fast! - Houston

Caleb and Aubrey Lee | Ruston, LA | November 25, 2015


  1. a feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness.

Waking up on Christmas morning. Walking through the front gates of Disney World. That first tip over the edge on a roller coaster. These are all things that overwhelm us with excitement and we get to experience these things over and over again. 

But I think there’s one exciting moment in life that can top them all: that wedding day kiss. 

It was a rainy day for the Lee wedding, which is not usually ideal for a wedding day. Luckily, having a wedding at Creekwood Gardens allows you a plethora of options. One of which is getting real cozy in the greenhouse. 

After spending just a few minutes Aubrey and Caleb it was apparent that their young love was very alive. You can see it in the first look and that walk down the aisle. A groom tearing up for his bride is something we always hope to capture.

Our team really loved working with their photographers, Bouie Photography. They were a very awesome couple and accommodating for the Honest Productions team. 

My main man Karl Wiggers assisted on this shoot and braved the weather. He’s a pro at keeping those cameras dry! 

Location: Creekwood Gardens, Ruston LA
Photography: Bouie Photography

Robert and Rachel Duncan | Alexandria, LA | November 14, 2015


  1. love and respect (someone) deeply.

My favorite part about wedding cinematography is finally finishing the edit and watching it through entirely. I get to see all the day’s moments summed up in one place. I can see the hard work put into the details, the laughs and tears from the family and friends, but most of all I can see how much a couple truly adores one another. 

Robert and Rachel were one of those couples whose love truly shows throughout their highlight film. 

It was a perfect November day. Warm during the afternoon and just the right amount of chilly. The Melady House proved to be the perfect backdrop to this cowboy husband and beautiful wife. 

With some amazing food (I literally took a to-go cup of mashed potatoes) and one of the better wedding cakes, the team had an incredible time. After everyone let loose, it was incredibly hard to get them to exit! That’s a good sign of a good time. 

Thanks to Karl Wiggers as always, and Trey Garza for stepping behind the camera without fear. 
Also, huge shoutout to my audio savior, Adam Moore, for cleaning up the audio. It makes all of the difference!  

- Houston

Wade and Kelly Hosea | Natchez, MS | November 7, 2015



  1. a person who wanders from place to place.

There are a few things in this world that bring people together: food, music, and travel. For me, traveling is one of the things that I look forward to most in life. 

When you travel, it captivates you. You’re focused on movement, surroundings, and details and if you are lucky enough to not travel alone you focus on the companionship. 

Wade is a pilot. I have a lot of envy for pilots. Taking off from the ground, and landing somewhere different is thrilling for me. But the story of pilots is that they tend to wander from place to place. 

A true vagabond is person without a home, but Wade has found his home in Kelly. 

Kelly reached out to me kind of late in the year of 2015 and luckily I had their date still open. Their wedding was wet. I don’t think I had seen it rain that hard in months, but it was grand. Truly, it made for an interesting film and an interesting wedding day. Good luck comes to those who wed in a rainstorm (or so they say). 

Having a quaint little ceremony, just a few friends and family, threw us off in the best way that day. We loved the intimate moments between Kelly and Wade and by the end of the day we felt like long friends. 

Thanks to Wade and Kelly for getting married in Natchez and allowing us to travel there and having us as part of their intimate day. 

Also, thanks to Karl Wiggers for keeping the day going smooth and Trey Garza for rocking out his first wedding day shoot with Karl and I. 

- Houston

Side notes: Don’t fly your drone in the rain.  Do fly your drone over a cliff. Always keep an umbrella handy. Travel with people.

Blake and Tyler Gillikin | Monroe, LA | October 17, 2015


  1. better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual.

Wedding days are made up of very specific special moments: Cutting the cake, buttoning the dress, and the kiss. But there’s nothing quite as special as when that groom sees his bride for the first time. It’s as if all those stories of love at first sight all come true at once in this tiny moment. He’ll never see her for the first time in a wedding dress again - it’s a brief, and emotional moment and should be sought after with great passion. 

Would you believe me if I told you that a week before their wedding Tyler and Blake were not planning on having a first look? I’m serious (dead serious). I was able to catch up with them at the Hattaway wedding and with a quick chat I spun Tyler’s wheels about how special a moment like that could be. After talking with their photographer, it all planned out perfectly. 

This was an incredibly special wedding for me. Not only was it at home in Monroe, but I have known Tyler for several years, and Blake and I practically grew up together (hashtag private, christian schools.) Both of their parents know mine from the small town of Bastrop, and seeing Tyler’s brother for the first time in years felt a bit like a homecoming. 

I was beyond thrilled to be able to capture this day. Shooting at the First United Methodist Church is always a struggle. The coordinator and the lighting never makes it easy, but when it’s right - it’s magic. Of course, shooting weddings with Angela Groce (Unveiled Radiance Photography) is always a blast. She always carries fresh ideas and keeps the day organized an on point. 

Big thanks to Andy Chason for filling in on this day. This dude has got magic hands. Perfectly steady. And he has an eye for film that I’ve never seen. I’m just grateful he lets me call him a friend before he hits the big time. 

- Houston

Venue: First United Methodist Church
Photographer: Unveiled Radiance Photography

Jyssica and JP Hattaway | Ruston, LA | October 10, 2015



  1.  for all future time; for always.

One of the most stand-out things to me about weddings is the idea that marriage is meant to be forever. It’s scary and frightening, but I think that it’s also brave and daring. Like embarking on an adventure that will never end. 

It’s pretty clear that JP and Jyssica have chosen to take on the adventure of forever head on in love.

JP and I met many, many years ago through friends and family and it wasn’t until the wedding day that the dots connected and I realized who he was how familiar we were with each other. 

Jyssica and her girls were a blast to work with throughout the day and the venue was so unique. Her and her dress were gorgeous (can you believe the color of her eyes?!?). We couldn’t have asked for better day for weather, and the sunset really worked in our favor for some post ceremony shots. 

Once again, thanks to trusty Karl and his hard work second shooting and Seth Albritton for working with us throughout the day. 

Venue: The Norton Building, Ruston LA
Photographer: Seth Albritton Photography

Meagan and Nic Pousson | New Orleans, LA


  1. a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment.

You know what I love about weddings? I love that everyone is there for one common purpose, one common goal: to celebrate the couple. I've been to good weddings and bad, but no matter what everyone is focused on this big life moment, and in New Orleans you show your "focus" by getting down with bride and groom on the dance floor. 

Meagan and Nic went to my alma mater (ULM) and in the past I did some photos for the AOII ladies, of which Meagan was a part of. It's always great to see how small connections build to big things in the future. 

Meagan and Nic's wedding day was a big treat for us. We always love traveling as a team, and New Orleans is mecca for any Louisiana native. What started out as a cramped space (do you see how man brides maids there are?!) turned into a huge dance floor by the end of the evening. 

We started at The Hotel Modern in New Orleans for bridal prep and the ceremony took place at the Holy Name of Jesus Catholic church. Which by the way, was incredible. Catholic weddings may be long, but at least you've got tons of things to look at. 

Honest Productions did a two man team on this go around, with my trusty pal Karl Wiggers. Thankfully the night ended at just the right time, because when in Rome you party like a New Orleanian, and you can't really whip and nae nae too well with a camera in your hand. 

Big thank you to Meagan and Nic and we wish them many years of crazy fun and awesome dance moves. - Houston

Tucker and Stephani Ellington | Choudrant, LA


  1. the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future.

Have you ever met someone where you connected instantly, and from then on every moment after leads to more smiles and more laughter? That's how I can describe Tucker and Stephani Ellington. 

That's also how I can describe their love story. Tucker and Stephani met on their first day of kindergarten at Franklin Academy and from there on it was destiny. I highly recommend watching their love story film before watching their wedding film, because it's beautiful (shameless plug).

Tucker is that guy that everyone needs to be friends with. He's all smiles and laughter, but with a little bit of rock n' roll (note: motorcycle exit from reception). Stephani is that kind of girl who's got just the right amount of country and sophistication to give her the best of everything. Together they made for an incredible couple, an incredible wedding day, and (you guessed it) and incredible wedding film. 

This wedding had a lot of firsts for Honest Productions. It was our first wedding to shoot with our new C100mkII, our first wedding to film with the Phantom 3 Drone, and our first wedding to have a bananas foster bar (seriously, best idea ever). We hope this wedding film can give you a glimpse of the future of Honest Productions, because we're headed there fast. 

We we're very fortunate to work with two of our favorite photographers, Desirae Gooding, and her assistant for the day, Lauren Creekmore. Head over to Desirae Gooding Photography's blog to see photos from the wedding. 

Karl Wiggers, our loyal second shooter, did his thing as usual and Justin Moreau filled in as assistant for the day. Big thanks to Karl for connecting Tucker and Stephani with Honest Productions. 

Let us know in the comments which parts were your favorites! We're stuck between the drone work and the motorcycle exit! - Houston

Location: Squire Creek Country Club

Nick and Bethany Sapienza | Lafayette, LA



  1. pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance or manner.

If I had to describe any wedding we've shot so far as "elegant," it's the Sapienza wedding. 
A sleek white dress, custom suit on Nick, Catholic wedding at St. John's Cathedral, and a packed out reception at the La Marquise Ballroom? Definitely elegant. 

Cajuns know how to get down and party (spot the catholic priest's sweet dance moves), but they also know how to be incredibly kind and wonderful. I love getting the chance to see different parts of Louisiana and witness how culturally diverse we are in such a short distance, but the best parts of Louisiana run true throughout: good food and good people. 

I had such a great time shooting this wedding with Karl Wiggers for Nick and Bethany. They contacted Honest Productions after seeing work on the Oaks/White Wedding in April '15. We were teamed up with Erin and Geoffrey Photography out of Lafayette. Their work is stunning and they are super generous throughout the wedding day for us and the loads of gear we bring along.

Nick and Bethany Sapienza | August 14, 2015
Ceremony: St. Johns Cathedral
Reception: La Marquise Ballroom
Photography: Erin and Geoffrey Photography