be real, stay humble

& always be honest. 



Honest Productions is the love child of a man, his camera, and an unhealthy obsession with movies.

The name is based on a simple idea taught from a father to a son - never cheat anyone for anything - and we stand by it. This media endeavor is focused on delivering the best possible photos and videography that this team can provide.It started with photography, formally known as Honest Photography, but it's becoming something much, much more. 

 We continue to work on learning new techniques and acquiring new equipment to meet your needs, but if we can't - we won't lie to you. 

Honest Productions has been lucky to call Louisiana home. We have worked with a range of clients from weddings to commercial videography and we couldn’t be happier.

Meet the Team:


Houston Bass:

Head Honcho & Camera Guy

Andy Chason:

Camera Guy #2 & Steadiest Hands on the Planet